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What Are the Benefits Of a Student Information System?

For Teachers

  • Efficient communication with students and parents
  • Keep track of student’s progress.
  • Bridge communication gap with students
  • Easy management of student’s records

For Admins

  • Human resource management
  • Data security and centralized data repository
  • Easy fee collection
  • Reports and decision making

For Students

  • Easy communication with teachers
  • Receives notifications and messages on important events.
  • Manage / Evaluate attendance, academic performance and progress.
  • View timetable, access to study materials, etc.

For Parents

  • Monitor & track the academic progress of their child
  • Hassle-free & flexible fee payment
  • Rapid and easy communication with teachers
  • Get updates on every school events & activities

Unique Features of Student Management Software

Reduce Paper Work
Reduce Paper Work

The student management system in Kenya focuses on the idea of “Go Green” through the digitalization of school operations.

Student Data Management
Student Data Management

The student information system manages all types of data regarding student life-cycle at school, academic & personal details, documents, attendance, cultural & miscellaneous details. Allows easy export of the data anytime & helps in data-driven decision making.

Report Generation
Report Generation

The student management system helps in making comprehensive reports such as student attendance reports, fees pending reports, examination marks reports, student placement reports, etc.

Admission/Registration Management
Admission/ Registration Management

The student information system automates academic and registration activities and reduces the possibility of errors. It manages details of students & parents, and prepares customized admission forms and documents.

Online Fees Payment
Online fees management

The student management system app helps in easy and secure payment of fees. It automates transactions, sends updates, and instant alerts to parents/students regarding pending fees, added taxes, and any discounts.

Report Generation
Report Generation

The student management software is a single platform to monitor students' daily activities such as academic progress & performance, daily attendance, homework & assignments, etc. Reports can be generated for each student easily and efficiently.

Transport Management
Transport Management

The student management system is integrated with GPS that helps in real-time tracking of the students’ vehicles.

Attendance Management
Attendance Management

The biometric/RFID integration helps in marking Mark attendance as subject-wise or daily basis, and alerts will be sent to the parents to ensure students are present in the class.

Examination Management
Examination Management

With the best student management system, teachers can conduct online exams and can easily upload question papers. The timetable for the examination will be sent to students using the messaging system. Exam results can be instantly shared with parents and students.

Hostel Management
Hostel Management

The student information system helps in room allocation, provides security, helps in fee collection, manages hostel activities, and share detailed records.

Library Management
Library Management

The student management system has barcode scan functionality to track each book and its availability. It helps to classify books, late submission fine collection, perform anti-theft operations & identification.

Alumni Management
Alumni Management

The student management software allows alumni to share their life experiences and knowledge with the students that help them to prepare for the examinations, and future challenges.

Communication System
Communication System

It bridges the communication gap between teachers and students via email, SMS, and instant notifications. The student management system helps to send customized messages to the target audience.

Mobile app
Mobile app

All features can be accessed using the single student management software app within a few clicks. The admin, teachers and students can enjoy all the features from anywhere at any time.

Why JibuSMS Student Information System?

We offer various features that fulfills your requirements and optimize the school operations

Cloud-based ERP solutions

Streamlines every task and has only low maintenance cost. It is secure and offers multiple backup storage facilities.

Easy Integration

It offers easy and hassle-free integration with other software such as LMS, accounting system and many more.

Implementation time

It only takes very less time for software implementation as it is shared on cloud.

Training, support, & maintenance services

Our experts provide seamless technical support and maintenance services at your own convenience.

Strong data security

We avoid any type of data breaches, secure accounts and offer full data compliance with effective data security.

Cost-effective solutions

We deliver high-quality services at affordable rates and spend zero on hardware.

User-friendly platform

It is an easy-to-use platform and no technical knowledge is required.

Personalized experience

We offer tailor-made designs according to the needs of each school/institution.

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