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What are the benefits of a Student Management System?

For Teachers

  • Easy communication with students and parents.
  • Data-driven reports on student’s progress.
  • A unified place to maintain the student’s grades.
  • Easily manage a student’s records.

For Admins

  • High-level data security.
  • Centralised data repository.
  • Simplified admission process.
  • Streamlined daily operations.
  • User friendly interface require minimal IT skills.

For Students

  • Effective communication with teachers.
  • Instant notification on important events.
  • Manage / Evaluate their performance and progress.
  • Access to attendance, timetable, examination schedule and much more.

For Parents

  • Monitor & track the progress of students.
  • Hassle-free fee payment.
  • Better communication with teachers.
  • Greater engagement in creative programmes.

Student Management System features

Reduce Paper Work
Reduce Paper Work

Save Paper and Go Green with the best Student Management System in Kenya which stores the documents and files in digital format. Enhance the safety & security of the institute data as an unauthorized individual can not access it.

Student Data Management
Student Data Management

Using this Student Management System you can manage all types of data, like students personal details, academic progress, documents, attendance details, etc. Admin can easily export the data anytime & make a data-driven decision.

Report Generation
Report Generation

Generate various comprehensive reports - attendance report, fees pending report, placement report, examination result report, and more. Also, customize and modify the field according to the institute preference.

Admission/Registration Management
Admission/ Registration Management

This Student Information System automates the whole admission process reducing the possibility of errors and paperwork. Efficiently manage student & parents details, customize the admission form, document management, & more.

Online Fees Payment
Online fees management

No more standing in the long queue for the fees submission using the best Student Management System in Kenya. With Fedena, automate transactions, send instant alerts to parents/students on pending fees, add taxes and discounts according to your institute requirement.

Report Generation
Report Generation

Single platform to keep a track on students' day to day activities like academic progress, daily attendance, subject-wise performance, assignment submission, and more using the best Student Management System.

Transport Management
Transport Management

Our efficient Student Management System helps in real-time tracking on vehicle routing and stops with GPS integration. Manage and schedule the transport fees collection. Also, ensure better safety and security of the students.

Attendance Management
Attendance Management

Use the best Student Information System to automate attendance tracking with biometric/RFID integration. Mark attendance subject-wise or day-wise, send an instant alert to parents and let them stay abreast in case their child missed any classes.

Examination Management
Examination Management

With this best Student Management Software you can automate the examination process, schedules the various types of examinations. Send a notification or instant alerts via the messaging system and instantly share the examination results with students and parents.

Hostel Management
Hostel Management

Effectively manage the room allocation, collect and manage the hotel fees, provide bird's eye view on of all existing hostels on the campus, enhance the student's security, share access to the detailed records.

Library Management
Library Management

With barcode scan functionality track the book's availability. Perform anti-theft operations & identification at the same time. Classify the books subject-wise, automatically calculate fine in case of late submission.

Alumni Management
Alumni Management

Let students build a strong relationship with the alumni vis SMS or email platform. Allows alumni to share their knowledge and experience to the student so that they can prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges.

Communication System
Communication System

Improve communication among parents teachers and students by integrating SMS and email platform. Send instant alerts and customize the messaging according to the target user.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Access to all features at your fingertips. View timetable, marks the attendance, exam result, upcoming events, track on pending fees, also interact with classmates and teachers from anywhere at any time.

Why JibuSMS Student Information System?

There are multiple factors to consider when you are looking for a perfect student management software.

Enabled on Cloud

Low maintenance cost, secure and intelligent cloud hosting, and multiple backup storage facilities.

Integration with other tools

Hassle-free integration with your favorite software such as LMS, accounting system and many more.

Implementation Time

Negligible time for implementation, since the software is shared on cloud as a service.

Training and Support

24/7 customer support and comprehensive training provided by our experts at your own convenience.

Data Security

Avoid data breach, provide full data compliance and better data security.


Cost effective solution, pay only for service, zero spending on hardware.

Easy to Use

No technical knowledge required, due to a user friendly platform.


Design the system according to your institution needs.

Resell JibuSMS

Embed JibuSMS in your application and sell it in your market, under your terms and pricing.


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